Seal Information

Seal Information Index

  • Seal Habitat
    You will find that seals have quite a spread when it comes to their distribution.
  • Seal Feeding
    Seals find the foods that they need in the water around them, which is why you will only find them where there is plenty of water.
  • Seal Reproduction
    Researchers have been able to observe seals in their natural environments to fully understand the reproduction process.
  • Seal Anatomy
    The anatomy of a seal is quite interesting and you may think that they don’t have a body that is built quite right for their needs.
  • Seal Evolution
    Based on the scientific data we have, it is believed that seals evolved from land animals to what we know today.
  • Seal Predators
    Many species of seals have no natural predators. This is due to the location where they live and their sheer size.
  • Seal Social Structure
    Seals live in large groups of up to 1,000. Therefore it may seem chaotic from an outsiders point of view.
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