Seal Predators

Seal Natural Predators

Many species of seals have no natural predators. This is due to the location where they live and their sheer size. However, others have plenty of large predators that they need to be worried about. One of them is the great white shark. Some people fear that an abundance of seals in a given area will bring more of those aggressive sharks to their waters. There is no evidence to really prove that will occur though.

Killer Whales are another predator or seals in some areas. It is often the younger pups that have just started going into the water that these larger animals will feed on. This is due to the fact that they swallow their prey instead of chewing it. However, both sharks and killer whales are able to bite of huge chunks to swallow from larger prey. Therefore, adult seals aren’t something they will pass up for a meal should the opportunity present itself.

The biggest threat to seals is from other water animals. This is understandable since they spend long time of their live in the water. They are also threatened by some land animals as well though. This is why you will find that they stay in very large groups. Most of the time these land animals won’t attack unless they can get a seal alone. However, if they are hungry enough they will advance and do what they can as an instinct of survival.

In the Arctic Region where so many of the seals live, polar bears are a problem as well. These large sized bears have hearty appetites as well. There is also the Arctic Wolf which has been known to consume large numbers of seals in order to survive in their habitat as well. Yet even with these known natural predators, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with balance. It is as if nature had it all under control.

The problem though is when humans start to destroy these numbers of seals as well. When that occurs, not only do they threaten the future survival of these animals. They are also threatening the survival of those other animals that depend on them as a food source. While the seal isn’t the only food source for such animals, it is definitely significant enough to be throwing the entire balance of things out of order.

Humans are the largest threat to seals due to hunting efforts. This is especially true in Canada where there are no limits followed when it comes to killing them. Humans also fish in the same waters that seals live in. Therefore they are taking food sources away from them. Injuries and death also result due to the fishing nets and boats that are in the water.

Humans contribute to the destruction of the natural habitat of seals as well. Their land can be taken away in order to satisfy human needs. At the same time we release harmful toxins into the water and into the air. These toxins make it more difficult for seals to breath. They also wear down the immune systems so that they are more susceptible to diseases and viruses.

There are plenty of organizations out there that continue to educate the public about seal dangers. While there isn’t much we can do about their natural predators, there is plenty we can do about problems created by humans. Each of us has the responsibility to make positive changes to our own behaviors. That way the world as a whole is a better place and the seals out there won’t be harmed by our poor choices.


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