Types of Seals

Seal Species Index

  • Seal Species
    There are 18 known species of true seals or earless seals out there that have been identified.
  • Leopard Seal
    The Leopard Seal is the second largest of all seals out there.
  • Harp Seal
    The Harp Seal is one that has lots of white fur on it. They also can feature areas of light brown and even some black.
  • Harbor Seal
    The Harbor Seal is fairly small when it is compared to the many other species of seals out there.
  • Gray Seal
    The Gray Seal is one that many people have seen in pictures. It is found along the North Atlantic Ocean on both sides of it.
  • Northern Elephant Seal
    The Northern Elephant Seal is smaller than those from other Elephant Seals in the Southern part of the world.
  • Southern Elephant Seal
    The Southern Elephant Seal is the largest of all seals in the world.
  • Weddell Seal
    If you had to choose only one word to describe the Weddell Seal, it would like be that they are cute.
  • Hawaiian Monk Seal
    You will find that the overall physical appearance of the Hawaiian Monk Seal makes it look much different from the other species of seals.
  • Mediterranean Monk Seal
    The males feature dark black hair while the females are dark brown. All of the Mediterranean Monk Seals have a watch patch on them.


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